Friday, July 19, 2013

Avon Theatre Film Center

The Avon Theatre Film Center is a wonderful place for you to go with your friends in a chartered Connecticut bus to watch some really great quality independent film that you usually don’t get to watch in mainstream theaters. The owner of the theater kept the building’s feel of a classic movie theater, which is quite unique and you can rarely get to see such buildings anymore. Besides, they also have some really fantastic restaurants nearby where you can go before or after your show.

In fact, as you go to the Avon Theatre Film Center in your chartered Connecticut bus with your friends, you can always go around the nearby restaurants to see what are the available options or what seems to attract your attention the most, for your dining experience. From Spanish to Mexican to Italian to Indian food – you are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to dining nearby the theatre.

You can always choose to dine at one place, go for the show and then return later to have some drinks at another place. Why not make full use of the service of the chartered bus for this outing? After all, it is not like you get to do this every day – so you and your friends might as well take full advantage of the great services that are provided by the Connecticut charter bus company.

After having filled your tummies with delicious food, a great performance is awaiting you and your bus friends at the Avon Theater Film Center. As you get down from the chartered bus, you will feel as though you have just arrived at a fancy hall that’s been decorated with lights and it almost feel like you are the celebrity that they are waiting to welcome. And that’s just the beginning of your theatrical experience at the Avon Theater. As you walk through the hallway, you will enjoy the ambience and deco inside the theater which gives you a feel of walking down memory lane and the theater hall itself is huge and airy too.

There have been many movies, documentaries and foreign films as well as Hollywood classics that are shown here at the Avon Theatre and this is what draws the crowd to come in chartered buses – simply because you don’t really get to find such shows anywhere else. Besides, where else can you go where you can get a feel of a classical theater if not the Avon Theater at Stamford, Connecticut?


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