Monday, May 27, 2013

The Life of Mark Twain Revealed

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to live, think, sleep, breathe and eat like an author? If you have always wanted to visit a home of a famous author - the name Mark Twain is surely not unfamiliar. If you have always enjoyed his writings, you would also, without a doubt, enjoy touring his home - or at least, a place he used to call his home. If you are due for a family vacation soon, a visit to the Mark Twain Museum Center will be just the thing to do and don’t forget to book a charter bus to take you there too.
The Mark Twain Museum Center was opened in the year 2003 and provides visitors an insight of the life of Mark Twain and his family during their stay in this place where it used to be his home. The museum tells of the story of Mark Twain, his family, the background and history of building the house, as well as the legacy of this much adored author.
Upon entering the house, you will have to purchase tickets to tour the house and the only, perhaps inconvenience to some Connecticut bus charter visitors is that admission into the house is by guided tours only - as some may prefer to tour the place to their own timing and preference. You do not have to make prior reservations to The Mark Twain Museum Center, as it is a first come first serve basis but it would be wise that you make your way there early as their tours are often sold out quite fast. If you are unsure of the right time to go, you can always check with the local bus charter companies. They should be able to tell you when is the best time to visit.
In The Mark Twain Museum Center, you will find a permanent exhibition of Mark Twain’s life, his work and influences at the Aetna Gallery. Be sure to check out the places that he would get inspiration to write. There is also the Hartford Financial Services Theater where they will show a Ken Burns mini video documentary on the life of Mark Twain, a Lincoln Financial Auditorium that seats about 178. On the second floor of the house, you will be see that they have a comfortable cafĂ© area.
There’s no better way to experience the life of Mark Twain’s other than hearing the professional and well trained tour guides at The Mark Twain Museum Center. While you and your family enjoy the tour of the historical museum and learn about the daily life of Mark Twain, let the professional service of a bus charter company take care of your transportation needs.