Thursday, September 5, 2013

Connecticut Science Center

When it comes to loving their kids, parents are willing to do anything. Well, almost anything – and bringing them to the Connecticut Science Center is definitely something that any loving parent would do. Since you would be planning to bring them to the science center, why not make it extra special for them by chartering a bus to bring them there instead of driving there yourself? In fact, they will be even happier if you were to arrange for them to invite some of their friends to come along for this trip too.

If this is going to be your first trip here to the Connecticut Science Center with your kids and their friends in a Connecticut charter bus, you may want to know that this science center is rather unique as it is a 9-storey museum that is located at 250 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, CT and it was opened in the year 2009. With a total of approximately 154,000 sq. ft., one can only imagine the amount of exhibits and displays that are found in there. In fact, the Connecticut Science Center has dedicated about 40,000 sq. ft. of interactive displays that many kids would enjoy.

Once you get down with all the kids (we are assuming that you are bringing your own kids as well as their friends too!) from the CT charter bus, you will almost immediately notice that the building has very high ceilings and bright colors too – giving you a very welcoming feeling. In fact, by now, we believe that all the kids are already excited and can’t wait to get in and start checking out the science center already. CT Science Center is very well arranged and they have three separate themed floors and you can easily keep a watch over the kids because they have one door in and one door out, so you can be sure that they can have the freedom to explore and roam the whole floor without them running off somewhere else without you noticing. On each floor, they have very friendly and knowledgeable staff to guide the kids if they are stuck with a certain exhibit while learning to play with it. There is also a cafĂ© for you to grab a bite if the entourage gets hungry after all the running and exploring in the CT Science Center. Bathrooms are also available on each floor of the building, so you don’t have to worry about the little ones needing to go to the bathroom halfway through their exploring in the science center. Once everyone is happy and are done with touring the place, you can rest assure that the CT charter bus is waiting for everyone at the main entrance to bring all the tired but happy little ones home.