Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tips On How To Completly Immerse Yourself In What Connecticut Has To Offer

For those who have yet to try one of America’s greatest pleasures – skiing – the snowy slopes of Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall, Connecticut, is a pretty good start. It’s an accesible drive and enjoyable scenic bus ride, if you do decide to charter one with your buddies or family. The famed skii locale features 24 trails – the longest being a whopping 1.25 miles – for skiing and snowboarding, several chairlifts, and a "wonder carpet" for beginners. Skiing aside, do take time for a photo op at the historic West Cornwall Covered Bridge that spans the Housatonic River. It makes the bus ride, a great American tradition, that much more joyful.

As fun it may be, there are plenty of things to be cautious about. You’ll experience a fall every now and then, and yes, it’s gonna hurt! But it gets better as you get used to moving on the slippery ice. Here are some tips on ensuring you have a smooth and enjoyable skiing experience:
Prepare yourself physically
Always think safety first, and remember, prevention is better than cure. To avoid from getting injured, so you can make the most out of your trip, it’s important to prepare yourself physically. Exercise regularly, or play sports, at least once a month.
Some sports can be a form of exercise and preparation before skii-day, for example, cycling, jogging, speed walking, rollerblading all allow you to work your leg muscles, and thighs in particular, which are worked a lot by winter sports. If you could spare the time, do put aside at least 2 hours a week.
A common mistake is to forget checking your baggage allowance, so be mindful this time. Get thick layers of clothing and warmers when packing, or if you’ve got the dough to spare, there are alternative brands with better insulation yet thinner material. Don’t forget your sunblock and lipblock! It may be cool up there, but the sun is always very harsh on the mountains.
Other essentials are hats, gloves and a pair of cool shades. Do pack thermals in case the temperature decides to suddenly drop. These need not be mentioned but here goes: ski jacket, ski board bag, boots, salopettes and some snazzy ski socks. Your small backpack should be able to fit all the items above, plus a first aid kit, a small box of multi-purpose tools, and some space for whatever else you feel like throwing in.
Have fun
And last but not least, have fun!

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